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Lewis (Louis) Bond & Elizabeth Bond

Elizabeth BOND, a daughter of Carroll BOND and Julia Ann TERRELL Bond, was born in Harrison (now Stone) County, MS 12 March 1849. Elizabeth BOND married Louis BOND, a son of Barney BOND and Melina TERRELL Bond, on 01 November 1867. Louis is spelled "Lewis" on his record of marriage to Elizabeth, but our family has always spelled it Louis, and a grandson, named for him is spelled Louis. Louis was borin Harrison (now Stone) County, MS in 1845. Children of Miranda BOND, state that Miranda'smother died when Miranda was seven (7) years old. That would make it 1888 or 1889 fora death date for Elizabeth BOND. Louis BOND continued to rear the children alone afterthe death of Elizabeth. I do not have a death date for Louis BOND,but his grandaughter Velma BROADUS told me that she remembered her Grandfather Louis BOND, and went on to tell me about once when she was young, she had a splinter in her foot, and would let no one remove it, she was waiting for her Grandpa Louis Bond to come home to remove the splinter, which he did after he arrived. Velma BROADUS was born 02 August 1913, so his death date would be well after that time. Louis BOND and Elizabeth BOND are buried in the Hester Cemetery. Someone has erected a small white marker on each grave.  There are no birth and death dates on those little markers, only their names. 

Children of Elizabeth Bond and Louis Bond

     I. Isabelle Bond, b.1868

    II. Ameldia Bond, b.1870

   III. Barney Bond II, b.31 July 1871; d.24 December 1951

   IV. Rutillus Bond, b.1874; d.1938

    V. Carroll Bond II, b.1875

   VI. Sarah Ann Bond, b.1877

  VII. Martha Bond, b.1879

 VIII. Miranda Bond, b.18 October 1881; d.11 January 1952

   IX. Eliza Bond, b.1885; d. 1966  

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