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Welcome To My Bond Lineage Page

I have always been curious about my Bond roots, as my grandmother, Miranda had two Bond parents. I was always told that my grandmother Miranda's parents were not related. No one could tell me anything past her parents names, Elizabeth and Louis Bond. I questioned my mother over and over and I could not understand why she and some of her siblings would say they were not related, but could tell me nothing more in regard to their ancestors. My intention when I finally obtained a computer was to get on the internet and search for those Bond connections. One of the first post I posted was on a mailing list, requesting information on my Bonds and I immediately received a response from Shiley LeBlanc who has a webpage rich in the Bond Lines. I knew enough, my grandparents names, to find them, there they were, with their parents and siblings on Shirley LeBlancs webpage. I will always be grateful to her for taking the time to answer my post on that mailing list. I hope you enjoy your visit with my Bonds.

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