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Edward Randolph Broadus & Miranda Bond

Edward Randolph Broadus, whom grew up to become a carpenter, was born 06 May 1879, in Harrison (now Stone County), Mississippi. He was the son of John Ira Broadus and Elizabeth Sims Broadus. Edward died 16 October 1964 in Wiggins, Stone County, MS. Edward Randolph Broadus and Miranda Bond were married 18 December 1899 in Harrison County(now Stone Co), Mississippi. Miranda was a daughter of Louis Bond and Elizabeth Bond. Miranda died 11 January 1952. Edward and Miranda are buried in Lamar County, Mississippi.

Their Children

    i.  Leona Broadus, born 09 October 1900; died 1986

   ii.  Lorenzo Broadus, born 19 February 1904;  died August, 1971

  iii.  Alfred Louis Broadus, born 11 March 1905;  died August, 1988

   iv.  a daughter (living)                      

    v.  Milson Matthew Broadus, Sr., b. 22 May 1911; d. Oct. 1985

   vi.  Velma Broadus, born 02 August 1913; died 03 March 1998

  vii.  a daughter (living)

 viii.  Vernon Henry Broadus, born 06 May 1919; died Nov. 1992.

   ix.  a son (living)

    x.  a daughter (living)


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