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Marcus Broadus and Nancy Bond

Marcus BROADUS, a son of William Marcus BROADUS and Clarissa SULLIVAN, was born 19 October 1853, in Harrison County Mississippi. Marcus BROADUS married Nancy BOND. Nancy BOND was born 18 August 1855 and died 29 October 1928. Marcus BROADUS died 01 March 1923. They made their home at Saucier, Mississippi and they are buried at Saucier, Mississippi.

Their Children

                  i. Marcus Albert Broadus, born 08 November 1876.

                 ii. Rufus Rankin Broadus, born 27 March 1879.

                iii. Burnetta Saleta Broadus, born 23 June 1881.

                 iv. Claiborn Adolpha Broadus, born 21 November 1883.

                  v. Burtha Clara Broadus, born 03 December 1885.

                 vi. Nancy Otta Broadus, born 11 March 1888.

                vii. Lazarus Willis Broadus, born 02 July 1890.

               viii. Ada May Broadus, born 21 January 1893.

                 ix. Hugh Davis Broadus, born 03 July, 1895

                  x. Bonnie Ola Broadus, born 07 November 1888.

                 xi. Esco Preston Broadus, born 14 January 1889.

                     All children born at Saucier Mississippi


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