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Thomas Broadus and Julia Cowart

Thomas BROADUS, a son of Moses BROADUS and Elizabeth MARCUS (ROGERS), was born in 1830 in Mobile County, Alabama. He married Julia Cowart, *born in Mississippi in 1833. (*Jackson Co. MS 1860 Fed. Census.) The first five children are in the Jackson Co. MS 1860 Fed. Census with their parents.

Thomas Broadus and Julia Cowart

i. Alfred Broadus, born 1849* Jackson Co. MS. 
   *(according to the 1860 Fed. Census, Jackson Co. Ms, Alfred would
     have the birthdate of 1844)

ii. Elizabeth Delphine Broadus, born 1851 Jackson Co. MS; d.9-21-1926.

iii. Mary Joanna Broadus, born 1854 Jackson Co. MS.

iv. Albert Broadus, born 1857 Jackson Co. MS.

v. Julia A. Broadus, born 1858 Jackson Co. MS.

vi. Charlotte Broadus, born 1862 Jackson Co. MS

vii.Elizabeth Broadus, born 1863 Jackson Co. MS

viii. Caroline Broadus, born 1864 Jackson Co. MS

ix. Martha Broadus, born 1867 Jackson Co. MS. 
x Thomas Broadus, born 1869 Jackson Co. MS


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