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Odis Myrick Cemetery

Pearl River county, MSISSISSIPPI


James Myrick "Jim" Born: January 18, 1882 
Died: February 01, 1912
Married May 06, 1906
Odis Jackson Myrick Born: August 28, 1907
Died: May 13 1986
Velma Broadus Myrick Born: August 02, 1913
Died: March 03, 1998
Christopher Mullen Born: August 19, 1995
Died: August 19, 1995
 J. L. Lewis Born: Feb. 20 1937
Died: Mar. 21 1999
  Married Feb. 18, 1954
Living Person                      ***                           ***
Kristi Gail Lewis Born: June 9, 1976
Died: Nov. 20, 1976
James "Jim" Myrick, son of Ely M. Myrick and Elizabeth McCardle Myrick was born in Perry County MS.  James married Etta Davis, daughter of Daniel Bing Davis and Sabra Isabelle Carter Davis.  James is buried in the Sunrise Community near Petal MS in Forrest County MS.  The landowners destroyed the HENSARLING CEMETERY located there that James was buried in, pushing the headstones into a pile.  James headstone was still standing at the time his son, Odis Myrick was notified by Buddy Myrick, as it was near a tree. Odis retrieved the headstone and placed it in his family cemetery on his property in Pearl River County MS as he understood the headstone would be destroyed if not moved.
Additional notes:
Kristi Gail Lewis is not buried here, she is buried in the Poplarville Cemetery.
J. L. Lewis--name is James Lowery Lewis.
Driving Directions from Poplarville, MS
Drive South on Highway 53, immediately past I-59, turn left onto Progress Road, continue until you come to Odis Myrick Road on your right, turn onto Odis Myrick Road, continue until you pass Kermis Myrick Road on your left, Cemetery is located just past Kermis Myrick Road on your left.  Cemetery is located about 6 miles out from Poplarville, MS.

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