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Odis Myrick Cemetery

James Myrick              B. Jan. 18, 1882       D. Feb 1, 1912

Odis Jackson Myrick       B. Aug. 28, 1907       D. May 13, 1986

Velma Broadus Myrick      B. Aug 2, 1913         D. Mar. 3, 1998

Christopher Mullen        B. Aug. 19, 1995       D. Aug. 19, 1995

Living Person

J. L. Lewis               B. Feb. 20, 1937       D. Mar. 21 1999

Kristi Gail Lewis         B. June 9, 1976        D. Nov. 20, 1976

James Myrick is not buried in this cemetery. James Myrick is buried in the Sunrise Community near Petal Mississippi. He and others were buried in a cemetery that was apparently on private property. The landowners apparently wanted the cemetery removed. They pushed all the tombstones into a pile, a son of James Myrick found what had happened on a visit to his fathers grave, and located the grave of James Myrick near a tree that had not yet been uprooted and rescued the tombstone, obtaining the tombstone and transporting it to the Odis Myrick Family Cemetery in Pearl River County Mississippi. We need to see that laws are passed and enforced that protect known burial sites, whether or not they are on public or private land. What a shame that living people have no respect for the dead nor the deads living relatives that they would do such a thing to a persons final resting place. Shame on the person that destroyed the final resting place of James Myrick and others located in that cemetery, shame on us, the living, to allow such a thing to occur.


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