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Otho Davis & Willie Pearl Seals

Otho Davis, a son of Daniel Bingley "(Bing") Davis and Sabra Isabelle Carter Davis, was born 19 May 1895 in Pearl River Co. MS. Otho married Willie Pearl Seals 20 December 1925. Otho and Pearl are buried in the Davis Family Cemetery, Pearl River County, MS.

Their Children

               I. Clara Belle, b. 2-17-1927; d.? Clara Belle married
                               Emmett Rester. Emmett and Clara Belle 
                               had 3 daughters, all living.

              II. a daughter (living) 
                               She has three children, all living.

              III. Herman Herldon, b.1930; d.? 
                               Herldon had one daughter with his wife.
                               Wife and daughter are both living.
              IV. a son (living)
                               He is married with two children.


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