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Daniel Davis

Daniel DAVIS was born in 1772 in North Carolina. Daniel DAVIS married Martha Louise SPEARS. He married second, Esther. Esther was born in 1782 in Maine and died in 1850 in Copiah County MS. After Esther died Daniel moved near Red Creek, in Old Harrison County MS, now Stone County. Daniel DAVIS died in 1857 and was buried in (present) Stone County MS.


                   i. Nancy,   born 1802 in Georgia

                  ii. James, born 1804 in Georgia

                 iii. Diana, born 1806 in Georgia or MS

                  iv. Israel, born 1811 in Louisianna

                   v. Stephen, born 1815 in Louisianna

                  vi. William, born 1820 in Pike County MS

                 vii. George, born 1823 in Pike County MS

                viii. Elsa, born 1827 in Louisianna


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