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John Riley Lee and Arsenith Cynthia Seale

John Riley LEE, the fourth son of Samuel LEE and Sarah BURNS, was born in 1800 in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. John Riley LEE married Arsenith Cynthia SEALE, daughter of Littleton SEALE and Ruhuamah WILLIAMS. Arsenith Cynthia SEALE was born in 1810 in Marion County, Mississippi. John Riley LEE died in 1876 and Arsenithe Cynthia SEALE Lee died in 1884. They are both buried in the Thomas Cemetery on Roberts Rd.

Their Children

             i. Eli Lee, born 1830, Marion County, MS

            ii. Elijah Lee, born 1833, Marion County, MS

           iii. Emmaline Lee, born 09 August 1833, Marion County, MS

            iv. Lemuel Lee, born 1835, Marion County, MS

             v. Zimamon Lee, born 1838, Marion County, MS

            vi. Nancy Lee, born 1840, Marion County, MS

           vii. Thomas Uriah Lee, born 20 July 1842, Marion County, MS

          viii. Sarah Ann Lee, born 1843, Marion County, MS

            ix. Arsenith Lee, born 1844, Marion County, MS

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