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Samuel Lee and Sarah Burns

Samuel LEE, a son of Sherrad LEE and Sarah WORDE, was born 25 December 1772 in Williamsburg, South Carolina. Samuel LEE married Sarah Burns in 1791 in Williamsburg, South Carolina. After their seventh (7th) child, they moved to Wayne County, Mississippi. Samuel LEE and Sarah BURNS are buried in Wayne County, Mississippi.

Their Children

       i. Elijah Lee, born 1794, Williamsburg, South Carolina

      ii. William Lee, born 1797, Williamsburg, South Carolina

     iii. Reuben Lee, born 1798, Williamsburg, South Carolina

      iv. John Riley Lee, born 1800, Williamsburg, South Carolina

       v. Elizabeth Lee, born 1802, Williamsburg, South Carolina

      vi. Bryant Lee, born 1804, Williamsburg, South Carolina

     vii. Samuel Lee, born 1806, Willliamsburg, South Carolina

    viii. Lucy Lee, born 19 June 1810, Wayne County, Mississippi

      ix. Betty Lee, born 1813, Wayne County, Mississippi

       x. Uriah Lee, born 09 September 1815, Wayne County, Mississippi

      xi. Robert Lee, born 06 April 1817, Wayne County, Mississippi

     xii. Eliza Lee, born 30 December 1818, Wayne County, Mississippi

    xiii. Polly Lee, born 19 June 1819, Wayne County, Mississippi


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