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James MYRICK, a son of Ely M. MYRICK and Elizabeth Ann McCARDLE, was born 18 January 1882 in Perry County Mississippi. James married Etta DAVIS, a daughter of Daniel Bing DAVIS and Sabra Isabelle CARTER, 06 May 1906. Etta DAVIS was born 29 December 1888. James was injured in a logging accident and never recovered from those injuries, he died 01 February 1912. James was buried in the HENSARLING Graveyard in the Sunrise Community near Petal Mississippi. Someone that owned the land containing the cemetery destroyed the cemetery, pushing the headstones into a pile. Buddy Myrick of Petal, MS notified Odis, a son of James. The headstone for James was still standing, as it was near a tree. Odis, understood that his Fathers headstone would also be destroyed if left there. The headstone was placed in the Odis Myrick Family Cemetery, near Poplarville, Mississippi. Etta DAVIS Myrick married William Randolph RESTER September 1918, a son of Frederick RESTER and Letha FRY. Etta and William had no children together. Etta DAVIS Myrick Rester died in 1966 and is buried in the Daniel Peyton Davis Family Cemetery in the Gumpond MS community.

Children of Etta Davis & Jim Myrick

             i.  ODIS JACKSON MYRICK, born August 28, 1907

            ii.  DANIEL BING MYRICK, born July 17, 1909


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