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Littleton Seale and Ruhuamah Williams

Littleton SEALE, the second son of Thomas SEALE and Rachel BAXTER, was born 21 September 1784 in Baldwin County, Alabama. Littleton SEALE married Ruhuamah WILLIAMS in 1807 in Baldwin County, Alabama. Ruhuamah WILLIAMS was a daughter of George WILLIAMS, IV and Mabel PERRY. Littleton SEALE died in 1850 in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Their Children

                        i. Arsenith Seale, born 1810

                       ii. Jilson Y. Seale, born 1813

                      iii. Thomas Seale, born 1815

                       iv. Floyd W. Seale, born 1817

                        v. Eli Seale, born 1819

                       vi. Margaret Elizabeth Seale, born 1820

                      vii. Angeline Seale, born 1821

                     viii. Jarvis Seale, born 1824

                       ix. Eleanor Seale, born 1825


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